Basic Grey Clipppings Line - Now Available for Pre-Order

Have you seen the FANTASTIC new line from Basic Grey called Clippings!!  We have already placed our order for the entire line directly with Basic Grey!  Now available for pre-order at!

Have you ever been so excited for a line to release that you pre-order from the first day you see it, then you slowly watch store after store get the product in stock and you still don't have your order??  The problem is you never know if that store has already ordered the product, or if they start taking orders to see how the demand is before ordering - so by the time they place their order they are last in line.  Well that has happened to me one too many times and was one of the main reasons for opening Urban Papercraft. We will always give you up-front information about how we are pre-ordering.  For this line it is a prepaid preorder - so order with confidence from!!


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